Backstage Recording Studio was originally set up in 1994 by ex-Sabbat guitarist Andy Sneap, to be used as a small demo facility for himself and local bands from within the Midlands area.

The studio has gone from strength to strength culminating in relocation to a 16th century 15 acre fully residential farm in 2001.

Situated in rural Derbyshire the studio is within easy reach of the M1 and A38 and is within half an hours drive from Nottingham, Derby and East Midlands Airport. Birmingham International Airport is approx one hour’s drive away and rail links to London are direct from Derby.

Backstage has directed itself towards the rock/metal fraternity, with labels including Nuclear Blast, Century Media, Roadrunner, Metal Blade, Ferret and Sony among others, making constant use of the facilities.

Backstage now has two full Pro Tools studios equipped with Pro Tools HD set ups, with outboard by the likes of Focusrite, Tubetech SPL, SSL, Crane Song, Amek and Alan Smart.

Having worked with Megadeth, Accept, Killswitch Engage, Opeth, Testament, Exodus, Kreator, Nevermore, Arch Enemy and Machine Head, Andy is known worldwide for producing some of the heaviest albums released this last decade with Opeth’s ‘Deliverence’ being awarded a Swedish Grammy in 2002 and Killswitch Engage’s ‘End Of Heartache’ along with Megadeth’s ‘Headcrusher” nominated for a US Grammy.

Gear List

A Room

Presonus ADL600 Pre
SSL AWS900 se
Lynx aurora
Mac Based HD 3
Dig 192
Digi 96 i/o
Genelec 1031 x 5 + sub
Empirical Labs Distressor
API 3124 x2
Isochrome Antelope Master Clock
Dynaudio M1 Monitors
Yamaha NS10s
Focusrite Red 1
TC Electronics Finalizer 96k
Cranesong Spider 8 Chanel Pre
Alan Smart Stereo Compressor
Tube Tech LCA 2B Compressor
SPL Transient Designer
Amek 9098 channels x 2
Neve Portico 5033 Eq x 2
Neve 8803 Dual Eq

B Room

Mac Based Pro Tools HD3
Digi 192
Digi 96 i/o
RME ADI-8 Pro x 3
Digidesign ADAT bridge
Pre Sonus Central Station
TC Finalizer Plus
SSL FX G383 Pre EQ
DBX 160 x2
Genelec 1030s
Genelec 7060B Sub
Audient 8 channel pre


Microphone - Audio Technica ATM 250DE x 2
Yamaha sub kick x 2
Audix D6 x 2
Audix D1
Audix D2 x 3
Audix D4
Audio Technica AT4033a x 2
Audio Technica AT 4040
Audio Technica AT 4033
Shure Beta 52 x 2
Neuman KM184 x 5
AKG C414
Rodes NT4
Sennheiser 421 x 4
Neumann TLM 103 x 2
Neumann KM 81
Electrovoice PL10
AKG C451 x 2
Shure SM7 x 2
Shure SM81 x 2
Shure SM91 x 2
Sennheiser E609 x 4
Shure SM58 x 4
Beyer M201
Beyer M300 TG
Shure SM57 x 5
Neumann 149
Neumann KSM 105

Soundcraft spirit 16 x 8 desk
Peavey GPS 900 Power amp
Peavey GPS 1500 Power amp x 3
Peavey XR600
Peavey 5150
Peavey 6505
Peavey jsx
Peavey XXX
Peavey 4x12 x 3
Marshall JCM 800 mk2 100w
Marshall JCM 800 50w Mk2
Marshall JCM 800 2210 100w
Marshall Mk 2 100 lead modded
Marshall 4x12 x 13
Randall XL 4x12 x 6
Randall RM100
Randall MTS Mr Scary Module
Randall MTS SL Plus super lead
Randall MTS Modern
Randall MTS Blackface
Randall MTS Ultra XL
Randall T2
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
Mesa Boogie 4x12 x 2
Mesa Boogie oversize 4x12
Fender 5150
Fender 5150 4x12
Krank 4x12
Krank revolution
Krank Revolution +
Krank Krankenstein
Krank Krankenstein +